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Hello all. Welcome. This site is developed with the intent to help those who might be in doubt of themselves. to reassure everyone that they belong here and now as much as anyone else for without trying to sound patronizing, you are truly second to none. If you feel wrong or not any good at all in spirit, every life is in good. you have as much reason to feel good as anyone. We don’t get any better than each other and we can never be more beautiful than as an equal.

All Nations Festival 2014 Vanier ON

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Sing Night”

    1. Hi There. Thanks for your interest in a CD. They should be available soon. I shall personally make sure you get a copy.

  1. Hello all. This site just received a most flattering comment witch we have not approved due to the fact that there was a link included. This site will remain very selective allowing links. I hope to post the comment in the future yet without the link. Thank you for the very kind words. Feel good

  2. Rock on Phil! I’m super happy you are sharing your music and philosophy. This both as it is about time and as the reason I created the truesdale.ca domain so that our family can share . While it may not have worked out the way I expected (curse you facebook) this is wonderful! Go get em Sing Night!

  3. Hey Phil, Look’in good, glad to see you have’in a good time. Music makes me wanna kill a hippie, but heh, that’s just me.

  4. OMG Phil … this is amazing! Thank you for letting me share in sing night and all your amazing songs! You have made me a better guitarist!

  5. Thanks for sharing the music and the good vibes. Love your introduction, what a beautiful soul this site has, and what great music to listen to.
    All the best to everyone who participates in the magic that is Sing Night!
    Much love and respect and kinship,

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